Environment Protection

Clean production is the protocol of creation at Qualitron Chemicals We believe in sustainable production with the primary motive of environment protection. Clean production is the approach at Qualitron Chemicals. That makes our products highly recommended for coloration of textile, rubber, paper, plastics and ink industries globally.
Recently our contribution for 'Tree Plantation' was appreciated by Panoli Industies Association in an event of transforming Panoli estate to lush green region.

Green Belt

Green belt has been created not only for the purpose of protecting sensitive areas or to maintain ecological balance but because they also act as efficient biological filters or sinks for particulate and gaseous emissions, generated by vehicular movements and various industrial activities. Rapid increase in development of economy has caused massive interference in the way our environment is managed.

Enviro Technology

We have been a member of Panoli Enviro Technology Limited (PETL) and Bharuch Enviro Infrastructure Limited (BEIL) to be environment friendly. Panoli Enviro Technology Ltd was established / incorporated under the CETP scheme in the year 1998 with an aim to provide collective treatment to the SSI and Medium scale industries of Panoli GIDC. BEIL has set up the Common incineration facility at Ankleshwar with the aid of MoEF and Government of India. This common incineration is designed to meet the draft norms prescribed by the CPCB for various parameters of operation and emissions. Liquid effluents generated from manufacture of pigment is sent for process at a common Effluent Treatment Plant (PETL) and other organic solid waste is sent to BEIL thus reducing pollution levels to almost nil.
(Source: Comprehensive Environmental Pollution Abatement Action Plan, Ankleshwar Industrial Cluster - Gujarat by Gujarat Pollution Control Board, Gandhinagar, 2010)