The range we make available comprises Copper Phthalocyanine Pigment Alpha Blue, Organic Pigments, Pigment Beta Blue, Phthalocyanine Green 7, etc. These are prepared from best quality ingredients and are known in the market for their effectiveness, longer shelf life and perfect composition.

The pigments we offer find their extensive use as raw materials in making plastic, paper, rubber, paint, detergent powder, soaps, textile, tiles, inks etc. Moreover, we ensure to provide our products to clients in qualitative packaging so as to enhance their shelf life and to also keep the same away from adulteration.

» Phthalocyanine Alpha Blue 15:0 (Colour Index No: 74160)

» Phthalocyanine Alpha Blue 15:1 (Colour Index No: 74160)

» Phthalocyanine Beta Blue 15:3 (Colour Index No: 74160)

» Phthalocyanine Green 7 (Colour Index No: 74260)

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Product Name

Phthalocyanine Alpha Blue

Phthalocyanine Alpha Blue

Phthalocyanine Beta Blue

Phthalocyanine Green

Chemical Resistance (Consider 1:Poor and 5:Excellent)
Solvent Fastness (Consider 1:Poor and 5:Excellent)